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Slice of Life 2014: Day #4

Tuesday’s are pretty good days for me. Today was one of those days. Nothing was great, but nothing bad at all happened. I had my Princial’s List Breakfast today because all of my averages in school are above a 95. The bagels, mini muffins, and juice were pretty good. I had my math quiz (part #2) today and was unable to finish the one last problem so my math teacher said I would do it tomorrow. My school has a Jeopardy! tournament on Saturday, and I already signed up my friend, Cade, and I. I went down to the office after dismissal to sign up my other friend, Ethan, and apparently some other random person I don’t even know signed him up on my team, and so I couldn’t sign Ethan up because the maximum number of people you can have on your team is 3. I looked through the sign up list and found the same person that I don’t know signed themself up on another team. I asked one of the ladies in the office about it, and she brought the paper to her desk and noticed that the two sign up names were written in two different hand-writing styles. She said she would talk to this person tomorrow about why they signed themselves up twice, so I was a little releived. I just hope I’ll be able to sign Ethan up.

And that was my Tuesday!



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Slice of Life 2014: Day #2

My day today wasn’t so exciting, I guess. Not very much happened. Here is a timeline of my day:

  • 8:30PM: I woke up at this time.
  • 9:00PM: My dad made his “Corned Beef Hash”, with biscuit dough smothered on top. It was really good.
  • 10:00PM: I completed my homework. I typed a social studies paragraph about the geography of China, did about ten multiplication and division algebra problems, questions about a news article for English, and a packet about rocks for Science.
  • 11:30PM: My dad and I left to the mall area to go to Lowe’s to pick up air filters, Best Buy just to look around for no reason, Moe’s Southwest Grill for lunch and Aldi’s for groceries.
  • 3:15PM: My dad and I arrived home from shopping.
  • 4:18PM: I am writing this now.

My day was pretty simple. In an hour or so I’ll go record some more podcasts.

Slice of Life 2014: Day #1

Happy Saturday everyone! Today I went skiing at Willard Mountain like I always do every Saturday. I take lessons there. Today was the last day of lessons for the season, so it was pretty sad for me.

I haven’t told anybody yet (due to embarrassment), but on my last run of the day, by myself, I was going on the chairlift. There was a kind woman there that said
“Have a good last run!” she said. She was implying that the chairlift was closing soon, and we’d have to leave. I think I was trying to be to casual then, so I just said “Thanks!” I said, as I skied forward. As it turns out, two people were already in front of me, and so the lady that I mentioned above said “Wait!” in an alarming voice and pulled my ski pass tag to the side, and I said “What?”

In a couple seconds, I realized that I went in front of the chairlift when someone was already in front of me. The side of the lift hit me in the back (it didn’t hurt at all), and I it shoved me to the side. I felt so embarrassed. My ski popped off and everything. I said sorry probably 5 times to the lady. When everything was finally worked out, and when I was on the chairlift, I was so mad, sad, and embarrassed all at the same time. In my 3 fulls years of skiing at Willard, this had never happened to me. I hadn’t had any accident at the chairlift, besides just dropping my pole a couple times when getting off. I was so mad at myself.

That was probably my worst thing that happened to me today. After skiing, we went out to dinner at “The Factory”, a restaurant in the village. I had a hot dog with fries, and it was OK. I played Farkle, a game, with some family friends from skiing, and I had won by a mere 50 points.

So that was my Saturday. How was yours?

Riley’s Live Specials #1: The Story of Flappy Bird!!!

In an episode of Riley’s Live Specials for today, we discuss the story of Flappy Bird. Email me at for suggestions for the show! Do you like Flappy Bird? Tell us in the poll below

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I can’t want to go skiing today at Willard Mountain

(Photo: A funny Garfield comic)

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Daily App Kid Show: My New Podcast

Hey everyone,

As you may know, I’m really into podcasting, so I decided to create on myself called “Daily App Kid Show”. Everyday, I’ll publish an episode under 3 minutes talking and reviewing a different iOS app. Here was yesterday’s epsiode:

You can subscribe via RSS and iTunes or by visiting the podcast’s website.

Ken Jennings on His Last Episode of “Jeopardy!”

If you read my last post, you’d know I’m sort of crazy for “Jeopardy!” right now, so I thought I’d share a video of Ken Jennings on his last episode. Ken Jennings won 74 episodes on Jeopardy, and won over $2,000,000.

Today’s “Jeopardy!” Episode Thoughts

I was just watching “Jeopardy!“, and I am so sad to see Jerry Slowik go. He was a great contestant. If only the challenger that defeated him hadn’t won the show.

Zero to Hero: 30 Days to a Better Blog

The Daily Post at published a daily task today that says to introduce yourself. Even though you most likely already know me, I thought I might as well do it for practice.

Hi, my name is Riley. I’m 11 years old, and in 6th grade. I live in Ballston Spa, NY, which is located just a couple miles from Saratoga Springs, NY. I like blogging because I get to digitally keep track of my life and other people can also read it. I like writing about technology news stories, as you can see. I also like to write random writing prompts, like this one. If I blog successfully this year in 2013, I would have hoped to accomplished many new readers, and to improve my writing.

How was that? Comment below your opinion.