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Podcasts Delay

Sorry everyone if you didn’t already realize it, but new shows for CTW (Mac & Windows) and Cool Tech shows for last week were/are cancelled, due to me going on vacation. Shows will resume new episodes as regularly scheduled for this week, so CTW and CT will be recording live¬†tomorrow (Sunday, 02/23). Thank you for understanding.


CTP Windows #1: Switching Displays Shortcut

In this week’s episode of “Computer Tip Weekly”, we’ll discuss a keyboard command shortcut on how to easily and quickly switch displays on Windows computers. Ways to do this:

  • Type “Windows key” and “p” at the same time.
  • Go to the Windows menu, type “Run”, and type “DisplaySwitch.exe“.

You can contact me with a suggestion or tip of your own for the show by clicking here. Thanks for listening everyone, see you back here next Sunday!

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