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Slice of Life 2014: Day #4

Tuesday’s are pretty good days for me. Today was one of those days. Nothing was great, but nothing bad at all happened. I had my Princial’s List Breakfast today because all of my averages in school are above a 95. The bagels, mini muffins, and juice were pretty good. I had my math quiz (part #2) today and was unable to finish the one last problem so my math teacher said I would do it tomorrow. My school has a Jeopardy! tournament on Saturday, and I already signed up my friend, Cade, and I. I went down to the office after dismissal to sign up my other friend, Ethan, and apparently some other random person I don’t even know signed him up on my team, and so I couldn’t sign Ethan up because the maximum number of people you can have on your team is 3. I looked through the sign up list and found the same person that I don’t know signed themself up on another team. I asked one of the ladies in the office about it, and she brought the paper to her desk and noticed that the two sign up names were written in two different hand-writing styles. She said she would talk to this person tomorrow about why they signed themselves up twice, so I was a little releived. I just hope I’ll be able to sign Ethan up.

And that was my Tuesday!



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