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Slice of Life 2014: Day #1

Happy Saturday everyone! Today I went skiing at Willard Mountain like I always do every Saturday. I take lessons there. Today was the last day of lessons for the season, so it was pretty sad for me.

I haven’t told anybody yet (due to embarrassment), but on my last run of the day, by myself, I was going on the chairlift. There was a kind woman there that said
“Have a good last run!” she said. She was implying that the chairlift was closing soon, and we’d have to leave. I think I was trying to be to casual then, so I just said “Thanks!” I said, as I skied forward. As it turns out, two people were already in front of me, and so the lady that I mentioned above said “Wait!” in an alarming voice and pulled my ski pass tag to the side, and I said “What?”

In a couple seconds, I realized that I went in front of the chairlift when someone was already in front of me. The side of the lift hit me in the back (it didn’t hurt at all), and I it shoved me to the side. I felt so embarrassed. My ski popped off and everything. I said sorry probably 5 times to the lady. When everything was finally worked out, and when I was on the chairlift, I was so mad, sad, and embarrassed all at the same time. In my 3 fulls years of skiing at Willard, this had never happened to me. I hadn’t had any accident at the chairlift, besides just dropping my pole a couple times when getting off. I was so mad at myself.

That was probably my worst thing that happened to me today. After skiing, we went out to dinner at “The Factory”, a restaurant in the village. I had a hot dog with fries, and it was OK. I played Farkle, a game, with some family friends from skiing, and I had won by a mere 50 points.

So that was my Saturday. How was yours?


4 responses to “Slice of Life 2014: Day #1

  1. dogtrax March 2, 2014 at 5:07 AM

    But now you have a story to tell .. so it’s not all that bad.

  2. Deb Day (@mrsday75) March 2, 2014 at 10:46 AM

    You’ve got to embrace those little embarrassing moments in March! They give you something to write about.

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