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A "Sort Of Scary" Story

For the past few days in English class, we have been making a scary story. I decided to type mine during lunch today, so I figured I might as well just publish it on my blog:
One Saturday morning at the LaGoy home in Malta, NY, Cade woke up. He turned on his side to look at his alarm clock, which read 9:21AM. He got up, and walked across the hallway to Callie, his sister’s, room, to wake her up. Cade was often very funny, so to wake her up, he would always say “Hey Callie girl!” Callie got out of bed and was about to walk out of her room when she saw a spider, about the size of her dad’s hand, on the wall, crawling all over. Callie screamed and quickly ran out of the room. Cade was still in there, though. He wasn’t that afraid of spiders that much, but was still creeped out by the spider. As the spider went on the floor and was on it’s way to go underneath Callie’s bed, Cade stepped on it. It looked dead, so Cade exited Callie’s room and went to go tell Callie that the spider had been killed.

But the spider was not dead. It actually split in two and now there were two parts of the spider crawling around the LaGoy home.

Later on in the day, Riley and Maggie, Cade and Callie’s friends, came over for a few hours. Riley and Cade decirded to jump on the trampoline while Callie and Maggie played a dance video game.

Maggie was dancing when all of a sudden Maggie saw what looked like half a spider drop two feet in front of her. Maggie screamed and ran outside. It took Callie a little bit to realize why Maggie was screaming and running, but soon did realize, and followed Maggie.

Riley was on the trampoline with Cade when he saw the other half of the spider crawling top of the safety net of the trampoline. He ran out of the trampoline, ran across the yard to the pool area, and jumped in. Cade hesitated before following Riley but still jumped in, too.

After Cade and Callie’s parents realized what was going on, they called an exterminator named “Mo”. Mo made several attempts before she actually killed the spider. The attempts she failed followed her running out of the house screaming, like everyone else had. Once, the spider was finally killed, the LaGoy was finally a peaceful place once again, without spiders.

The End.

Download Links:

Download this story as a PDF file by clicking here.
Download this story as a DOCX file by clicking here.


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