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At Lunch On The Computer #2

Well, hello everyone. I am once again on the same computer that I was last post, also during lunch like I was last post, too. Just thought I should tell you about what happened this morning:

My alarm clock goes off at about 4:46AM, and I wake up maybe 5 minutes after that. Then I eat breakfast and get my backpack ready and brush my teeth and all of that stuff. Maggie's best friend, Callie, is coming over every morning (school day) at 7:30 to be dropped of at school with Maggie. She came down the stairs right before I went outside to get picked up by my bus. (Just thought of another random thing to write: I couldn't do my online homework, or get information from a client I am working on some podcasts and videos on for because our internet always seems to go out every so often. This is not a router issue, this our ISP's problem. And if you are curious to know, it Time Warner Cable. They can't fix it, well all they can seem to think of as a solution is to replace our modem, which they have done 2 times, but it still just keeps getting worse.)

Back to my morning story: I wait on the porch for the bus. It comes maybe 5 minutes late. I walk down to the bus stop when I see it coming down the street. I get on it. Then on Route 50 (Milton Avenue, heading to Doubleday Avenue, in front of Kelley's Hot Dogs), the dashboard on the bus starts blinking and beeping. My bus driver then says "Ohh, I got to stop" to everyone. She pulls over and signals on the radio to a mechanic that the bus ran out of some fluid. 5 minutes later a guy (actually 2 guys) come over and pull the hood off the bus (which is huge). Then about 10 minutes later the guy says it is "sort of" good. It was OK to drive to the Middle School/High School but she would have to drop it off at the garage later and use a different one for the afternoon. Then I thought this was funny: She calls on the radio ("263 to garage"), but someone else interupts her and she (bus driver) has to call 4 more times until the dispatcher hears or listens to her.

You most likely thought that boring but I have really nothing else to talk about…

Hopefully I can write tomorrow. Bye!


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