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During Lunch on the Computer

Hello everyone. How are you? Well, if you want to know, I am currently at school. In is lunch time. At the Middle School, most teachers allow you to go in their classrooms during lunch to finish unfinished work. I'm in the English room right now, but I just like staying for lunch because it is quieter than in the lunchroom, which is crazy loud (in my opinion).

Just if you are wondering about the "What's On My Mind" blog series, I only post about that series on weekdays, and do it after school. Even if I wanted to do it now then I wouldn't have time to do so, because I have 6 minutes left (we have 30 min. all together), and last time (on Friday) it took me a whole 30 minutes or so.

The computers at our school (at least most of them) run Windows XP. The computers are SO SLOW! One kid came up to me the other day in study hall as I was finished up a book summary project on the computer. He said "I think these computers are older than us." They most likely are, because most of us were born in 2002, and Windows XP was realeased at about the same time as that.

The bell is going to ring any second (3 minutes), so when it does, I have to go to Social Studies. Now 2 more minutes.


PS: See you after school when I write about "What's On My Mind"!


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