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What’s On My Mind: Edition #2

From Riley’s Adventures, this is What’s On My Mind. I’m Carl Kassel. And here’s your host at, Riley Walz!

Yep, that’s right. I listen to Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, NPR’s weekly news quiz. I love saying what Carl Kassel says. “From NPR and WBEZ Chicago, This is Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, the NPR news quiz. I’m Carl Kassel. And here’s your host and the Chasebank Auditoriam in Downtown Chicago, Peter Segal!

But regardless of my loving to say what Carl Kassel says, the time is currently 2:57PM, and I usaully don’t do my homework I get on Friday afterschool on Friday, I do it on Saturday or Sunday, most of the time on Sunday. I’m here again with the online blog series “What’s On My Mind” Edition #2. And I didn’t forget. Actually today I’ve been waiting to do it, excited about it.

  1. As you may now, I’m starting a podcast. I should be doing it next week on Saturday. I think (actually I know) I told you in an eariler post that the link to the website of my podcast is That links works, it is just that that is a website I made with Blogger, and Blogger is for blogging, not for making a website. So when I realized that, I made another website on Google Sites. I compared the two and decided I would use Google Sites. So the link to the new website is Not only is this link shorter, the website it leads to is better. And if you’re wondering, I link shortened it because the original link Google Sites gave me is: And instead of the long one, most people would prefer a shorter one that is also easier to remember. And that’s just what I’ve done.
  2. In case you don’t now, I have a lot of websites. A LOT! I’ll give you the links to all of them here, and what I use with them:
  • Riley’s Adventures: This is the blog you are currently reading this post with, if you did not already know. This is my original, main blog, I will never (most likely) discontinue this blog until Blogger itself shuts down. And then I’ll just switch to WordPress or something.
  • Riley’s Photographs: If I were you, I’d definatly check out this website. I found a cool Blogger template somewhere and thought of what I could do with it. I thought I could just post cool pictures I took on it. The template looks so cool, almost like the Pinterest website. I try to update this website maybe at least every month or two with some new pictures. Actually, just looked at my most recent picture and thought it looked really cool: 
  • Riley’s Games: I found some HTML game website you could paste some games into on your website, so I put some on there. I most likely will never put anymore games on there, but give it a try if you would like to.
  • Riley’s Stop Motion Animation: This blog is all the Stop Motion Animation videos I make. Every once in a while I’ll put some up. As I write there 6 videos up there I hosted with Vimeo.
  • TWiT Unofficial Laughs: As you may know, I watch and love TWiT.TV, so whenever I see a funny part that makes me LOL, I try to clip it out and upload it on YouTube, then embed it on that website.
  • Books Riley Has Read: I think I have maybe two posts up of some book reviews I wrote myself of some books I read in 5th grade, but as of now I will no longer update this website at all.
  • Tech By Riley: Whenever I write anything about tech. For example, I emailed an app developer of an app about TWiT.TV, and asked him a question. I posted his reply up on that page. I’ll try to post my tech observations up there, too.
  • ‘Sups Gups!: This is a blog that my sister, Maggie, and I write on about our so ugly he’s cute dog.  Guppy actually made it to the top 25 in a video contest including him as the star!
  • ‘Sups Gups!: Comics: This blog has 1 comic of Guppy. It is no longer updated as of now, so don’t even bother visiting it more than once.
  • techbykids Podcast– A website for my podcast, look at thought number 1 above.
3. I had a Science test today. I think I did pretty good. My Science teacher gives us homework online, like little 10 questions quizzes. Some stuff is due even before we learn about it in class. She says that fine. Since after we complete the quiz online, it gives us the answers and let’s us do it again, she says that fine to do that, too. Sort of weird, because if you do it the way above, you really don’t learn anything.

The other day we also got our grade slips back and I got a perfect 100 on everything except one thing!! I asked her (my science teacher) if I could do the assignment again that I did not get an 100 on, and she said “You’d only get half credit it you got everything right, and I really do not feel like grading it again. Is it really worth it to you?That second part was sort of weird. Don’t teachers want you to do your best?

4. I composed a little theme song for my podcast that I wanted to share with everyone. I also sent it to the YouTube Royalty Free Music Library but I haven’t gotten a reply yet. Here it is:

Do you like it? Leave a comment saying your opinion.

5. I got this cool app called “SLOPRO”, which turns any video recorded within the app into 1000fps. So I asked Maggie to record a flip of me on the trampoline, and here is how it turned out:

Sort of cool, huh?
That’s does it for this blog post of “What’s On My Mind”. Tune in tomorrow for the next post!
The time it is now as I’m going to publish this is 3:33PM. That means I spent 36 minutes on this post. Hope you like it for more than a half hour of work!

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