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What’s On My Mind: Edition #1

Hello there everyone. The time is exactly 5:21:11. I just finished with my homework. Oh, I guess I still have some math to do. That can wait. This won’t be that long, anyway.

I was just thinking as I was walking home that I should start a little series of posts on my blog. I decided that I would try to write 5 things that are on my mind on my blog everyday after school for a whole month. So I’ll start now, with Edition #1.

(And excuse me if I skip a word. When I say what I’m writing in my head sometimes I go too fast and skip a word or two. I used to do it a lot 2 or 3 years ago, but it is not that bad currently.)

  1. BARC soccer, as you may know I’ve been playing since pre-school, has now set up different times. I guess I shouldn’t say times, but instead of having 5 practices in a row and the rest of the season having games, they have now switching it around a little. Not really a little, if you know what I mean. They had 1 practice, 1 game, 2 practices, 2 games, 1 practice, etc. I liked it the way before better. If I were to make these orders, I would do one or two practices and then for the rest of the season have games. ‘Nuff said about that. Moving on:
  2. I had Student Council today after school today and since the room is in a 7th grade English teacher’s room, they have those funny quotes and stuff. One of them really cracked me up. I looked it up and found a picture: At first I didn’t get it, but later on did.
  3. Can’t wait for skiing this year. Last year I was going straight down The Face trail at Willard Mountain. This year, you better just watch how fast I’ll go. Hopefully I can get a really good case for my iPod Touch so I can record without feeling like I’ll break it. I also started to track it with my mom’s phone last year for the last day, but this year I want to do it all season. I’ll try to publish those stats somewhere on my blog. I’ll keep you posted!
  4. Just thinking about what I can do for my YouTube channel, which by the way, you can access at Let me know if that link doesn’t work, because I’m writing on barely any internet, so I don’t want to waste my connection. Leave in the comments what I should do. I think I have about 20 videos up there now, mostly videos of Guppy or tutorials on some sort of electronic.
  5. I’m thinking of what I should do for letter five. Opps, number five. I guess I’ll talk about school. I checked my grades today online (yeah, we can do that!), and averaged all my grades up, and I have like 97.(on and on and on). But if I keep up good grades, I could get my name on the Principal’s List. This includes breakfast with the principal for your outstanding grades and your name published in the paper. You need a 95 or higher to receive this honor.
And that does it for this post of What’s On My Mind, by Riley Walz. Tune in tomorrow for more (hopefully, if I even remember!)

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