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Vacation with the LaGoys’ at Pine Lake in the Adirondacks

I’m here with my family and the LaGoys’ (Cade, Callie, Scott, and Julie) at Pine Lake in the Adirondacks. We got here on Friday night, and are leaving on Monday. We have no school on Monday because of Columbus Day. It has been an awesome weekend. On Saturday, we went on a short hike. We saw the carving of “Walz and LaGoy” on a log that we carved 2 years ago!!! We even reached this little beach. All the kids wanted to go in the water, but none of us had our bathing suits on. The parents said we shouldn’t do it, because the water was so cold (It’s 60 degrees right now). We put our feet in the water to feel how cold it was. Then everyone but the moms, started putting their heads in the water. I tried doing it, but in the process, fell in the water completely, with no swim suit on. It was funny. I got a small cut, too, but I’m fine now.
Then after we got home, we cooked dinner (potatoes, steak, and some more stuff that I forgot). We told some funny campfire stories. After we went back to our cabin, I started working on a Spanish project for school that is due on Tuesday, and finished it at 11:30pm.
Yet I still managed to wake up at 7:30am and not feel tired. I went over the the LaGoys’ cabin, and edited a Hunger Games movie that we filmed on Saturday:
We ate a huge M&M pancake breakfast with homemade sausage patties, turkey bacon, and scrambled eggs. Tomorrow, my Dad will be making corn beef hash, with this biscuit stuff on top. It is really good.
We went on another hike this afternoon. It was really long, and really steep. We went up to the top of a fire tower, like we did 2 years ago when we stayed in the exact same cabins.

I took this 360 3D panorama on the hike: You should check it out. As I look at the panorama, it looks like a deer is in the background. Wish I knew that when I was taking the picture.

I’ll post more pictures tomorrow. Tomorrow we leave. This vacation went by so quick!

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