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Apple’s 2013 WWDC: What I Think

Apple has their WWDC (World Wide Developer’s Conference) this week, but they had a keynote on Monday, and introduced a few new products.

OSX Mavericks

Do you know how the current Mac software is called “OSX Mountain Lion”? Will now they are calling it “OSX Mavericks”. That name seems so weird to me. In case you have no idea what Mavericks is, like me, here is the definition from Wikipedia:


Mavericks is a surfing location in Northern California, USA. It is located approximately 2 miles from shore outside Pillar Point Harbor, just north of the town of Half Moon Bay at the village of Princeton-By-The-Sea.

There aren’t that many new features in Mavericks, but some new cool features were added like:

  • iBooks- Do you know the app “iBooks” that you can get on your iOS device? Well, the same thing is now available for Mac. iBooks is basically Apple’s e-books store and reader.
  • Maps- Like the app on your iOS device, the Maps app is now on your Mac, too. The coolest feature about this on the Mac in my opinion is that you can send directions from your computer to your iPhone or iPad.
  • iCloud Keychain- iCloud now can hold your passwords and other stuff (like Credit Card information) and automatically push it to all your devices, securely.
  • Finder Tabs- You can now have multiple open tabs in Finder, like you would in Safari (it actually looks really alike).
Those are just some of the many features in Mavericks, those are just the ones I like.

iOS 7
Well, now they are introducing a new iOS, called iOS 7, going to be released this Fall. But iOS 7 otherwise just looks like a jailbreak. They must, MUST of looked at a jailbroken device to get most of the design for this.

Doesn’t it?
Well, there are way, WAY too many things new in iOS 7, but if you would like to see a few, click here to go to Apple’s website to see the many features I am too lazy to name (Just because there are a lot, not because I’m just lazy).

Other Things They Introduced:
  • Mac Pro
  • iTunes Radio
  • iWork for iCloud
  • New Voice for Siri (BOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!)
  • Longer Lasting Battery MacBook Air
And if you want to watch the whole Keynote (2 hours long, I watched the whole thing), then I have it embedded below, but click here to watch The Verge’s 10 minute version.


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