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Sphero: A Ball Shaped Robot

 The gift I loved most this holiday season was a baseball-sized iPhone/iPod/iPad controlled robot called Sphero, which I later named “Steve” as in Steve Jobs

There are about 15 apps you can get that interact with Sphero. Most are games that move Sphero around or make him a game controlled for you device.

Some features Sphero has include that it can change into lots (I mean a lot) of colors. Another is that it is controlled via Bluetooth, so the range of Sphero is pretty far.

From you device, you can control Sphero by dragging the screen, tilt your device, or drag it while video taping Sphero at the same time.

The negative about this product is that you have to calibrate Sphero every time you change your controller’s direction, but this problem isn’t that big of a deal. This has to happen because Sphero, no doubt a Sphere, doesn’t have a front like remote controlled cars, etc. do.

Sphero also has a whole hour of battery. And when you need to charge, you don’t need to plug anything in. You just set Sphero on a charging stand (included with every Sphero) and it starts charging.

I would recommend Sphero to anyone seeking an iPhone, iPad, and iPod controlled robot, and lots of fun.

 (Some information may be incorrect.)


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