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And We’re Back!

Now, we are back from Vermont. Our grandparents on my Dad’s side. They came on their RV from Washington STATE! I wonder how long that even takes. They also brought along their two dogs (they are both Boston Terriers).

A comic I made with the dogs. It isn’t very funny,
but it was fun to test a new app!

T/Bone (The one looking up on the picture below), and Baily, playing with a toy, are both some active dogs, unlike Toga. 

 The big RV was parked in our backyard, our grandfather’s truck behind it, the corvair (my dad’s old car) beside it, and our Volvo behind that. It seemed like our driveway was a public road!

T/Bone loves to play with a little blue ball, that bounces. He runs and catches it with a single bounce.


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