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Good Morning! I had to play soccer in the rain, at 10am in the morning, on a weekend. I’m sure nobody would want to do that. I like soccer, but not on a weekend, when its raining, and early in the morning.

Above is a video of a song I got into. “Hound Dog” by Elvis Presley. I like the beat.

14 more school days! I’m excited for the summer. But also, I don’t want to school year to end, too. I have a good class, like me this year. We also  have a few class clowns, so its funny when you walk in and walk out of school. Over the summer, Maggie wants me to teach her multiplication. And also, since I’m good at making videos/movies, we are going to try to make a music video every day in the summer.

My aunts wedding is in September, and she asked me to make it into a big movie, so I’m starting to get prepared. Do you know how on TV, they have several cameras in different spots, not just one camera? Will I’m going to try to make it like this is on TV. I have to put up 6 cameras around the wedding, and put an audio recorder by the priest’s stand. This is hard work, but I like hard work!!

Here’s the daily Garfield comic (I love it!) :


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