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Happy Thanksgiving!!
Its Saturday Morning, no school. Its like a Do-Nothing Day again. I wish it snowed again, so I could plow and shovel the snow. I did the whole entire driveway, and Maggie helped me with the sidewalk a little bit. I made like $10.
Yesterday (Friday), we went to get the Christmas Tree out of the attic and put it up. We put it in our living room this year, and in 2009 we put it in the Parlor. F.Y.I. We weren’t here for 2010 Christmas.
I was the first one to put on an ornament. As a little joke before we put on the ornaments, I put train tracks around the Christmas tree, and then turned on the battery-powered train I got when I was visiting Istanbul. Mom even got Maggie and I Christmas trees to put in our room.
Yesterday, Dad and I woke up at 4:00am to go Black Friday shopping, and let me tell you it was not crowded at ALL. We went to Walmart, it just was like a normal day when we went there. Dad dosen’t really like Walmart because they never put price tags on the things that are on sale or have special deals on them. Next was Target. It wasen’t really crowded there. Next was breakfast. We went to Denny’s. It was a 10 minute wait, but when to people have a ryming name and misunderstand, like what Tim (Dad) and a lady named Kim did, we got a 5 minute boost up so we didn’t have to wait that long. Next we went to Best Buy, which was crowned and barely didn’t have any deals at all. We were about to get a gift there for Mom (I’m not saying what it is, because Mom will read this), then went to Bed Bath and Beyond, and got $20 off.

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