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Camping So Far (Sunday)

We are camping now. With our friends, “The LaGoys”. We have been swimming in the lake (In Mid-October!), and the water is like 30 degrees. We went swimming here, (in the Picture below) and it was super cold. They had a rope swing, but neither of us wanted to go on. Finally, another guy finally tried it out, and you had to fall 5 feet between the water and the rope, to it was pretty scary. I like this vacation! Yesterday, we hiked 5 miles (1 mile was UP hill.). We came home and had a nice dinner along the lake. The next morning we did the same thing, have breakfast on the lake. Bacon, Pancakes, and Sausage Patty’s. Then we went in a canoe ride. We fished for fish, had a little tugs, but were to late and didn’t catch anything. We went in another part of the lake which was 30 degrees, like an ice cube. And who know’s what fun we will have tomorrow…


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