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Camping Trip 2011

On 7/30/11 and 7/31/11 we went camping at the Morea State Lake/Park. We went with our friends family, the LaGoys, our good friends. We were suppose to stay overnight 2 nights, but it rained on the first one. So we skipped that one and didn’t stay an extra night. First, we had to check-in. Me and Dad went to the register, while Maggie stayed in the car. Mom had a headache, so she stayed home and said she would join us in 2-3 hours. The LaGoy’s were already there when we arrived at our campsite, “#74”. We had a fire pit, also. Mom arrived in 2 hours along with Toga, and then we had lunch. There was 2 pink hot dogs and a bunch of the regalar kind. I had one regaular kind and me and Dad split one pink one. Scott, The LaGoy’s father of the family, brought his hot dog holders, just like there have reusable pizza plates. After Lunch, we went down to the the beach. Julie, the LaGoy’s Mom of the family, and Mom, stayed at the Camp Site, because they just don’t really like getting wet. That’s how all Moms’ are.  We walked down, and it was crazy crowded. We just went into the water. I hate swimming in Lakes, but I actually liked it! I stayed in for the whole time, just like everyone else did. That was my best time on the beach. We played this Catch game vs. Us, and the half of the side we were on part of the lake people. We did that for an hour, but before that we just had fun and sprayed each other with the water gun, etc. We went back to our camp site and it was already like 5:00.  We had dinner and then went to sleep in our tents. The next morning, we catched frogs. I caught 3. Cade, he caught some kind of lizard (It was a small one). We had pancakes and bacon for breakfast and played a little tag. Then we went home.


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