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Vacation in Amsterdam (RV Trip)

Our last vacation is taking a RV down to Holland and Belgium. It is sad. We are eating dinner in the camper station restaurant. The camp stop is called “Camping Zeeberg Amsterdam”. Its very nice. It has camper charging station, and free internet, but the worst is the bathrooms. They have bugs on the lights, and it looks like they clean it once every year. The cleaners must be VERY lazy. The trams in Amsterdam are nice, very blue, and instead of ticket machines, they have ticket PEOPLE! It was funny! The RV is nice, but not the best. It has some scratches some places. The bathroom stinks, and your not thinking about that, will you know what I mean. Its all the plastic, and when we are driving, you hear everything crash and fall. And then when you stop the RV, and you go in the bathroom, all of the stuff has been fallen on the floor because of Dad always breaking. Me and Maggie split a bed, but I think Mom and Dad’s bed is comfortable. I lay in there when we’re driving. Today, we went to the Anne Frank house, and saw the famous diary of Anne Frank, and the Secret Annex. Comment if you have read the Anne Frank diary. All over the walls, there was quotes from the Diary. We even saw the Original Diary, which was very neat. I, myself, have read the Anne Frank diary a few months ago. It was very sad, but I was curious myself to see what it would be back then to be Jewish. It was very cool to be in the Anne Frank house. Maggie just thought she was just in some museum. She realized half way thought it she was in the annex. We were in the book shop, and Mom got a little biograpy about Anne and the people she lived with for 3 and a half years. We were on our way to a Pancake cafe, that what there famous for, here!!! I got an apple pancake, Maggie got Double Extra Chocolate, Dad got Apple also, and Mom couldn’t eat the pancakes so she got an omelet. What a day!! Right now we are having dinner, ready to play UNO now with the whole family (Without Toga!!)…


One response to “Vacation in Amsterdam (RV Trip)

  1. LisanneF June 24, 2011 at 1:49 PM

    Great story Riley! I feel like I am experiencing it all with you! Tim and I went to Amsterdam and Brugges a few years ago. I read Anne Frank's diary when I was a little girl. Walking through the annex made me so sad, especially when I saw the wall where they marked their heights and the pictures of movie stars on the wall-she was just a normal girl. You'll have to tell me what you think of Brugges-we really enjoyed the fries with samurai sauce there! We took canal rides in Amsterdam and Brugges too.Brugges was having a festival when we were there and we danced most of the night with so many party animal old people. Thanks for sharing your adventures with us! ~Lisanne (bella's mom)

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