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Update for 3/8/2011

It’s morning, again right now in, Germany. Deustchland which is Germany in German. I’m just thinking about how close we are to moving back to US, and some planning I want to do:

I am going to be making a tram collage of Dresden’s Transportation, including Dresden Buses, Dresden Trains, Dresden Trams, Dresden Sky Train, and Dresden’s On Ground Train. We will also include some of the tram stop signs, the S-Bahn Stations, The Time-Teller things, The Ticket Machines, The Ticket Validaters, The Tram Stop Light, etc.
We have to pack all over again, like we did going from US to Deushland (Germany in German). We have to pack all of our things up, Thanks to Aunt Mari and Grandma, who helped us in US. It well be a much more Challenging level, because no one well be with us, to help us, etc.
Another thing we might have to do is pack for what we well do on the airplane, its fun when your on a 2 to 4 hour airplane, but our ride from Frankfurt, Germany (I think its thant city), well last 9 hours. It was pretty boring last time I was on the flight, but who knows… Have a nice day…


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