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In Paris, France

We are in Paris, France right now. From Dresden, we took a 2-hour bus all the way to the capital of Germany, ‘Berlin’. From Berlin, we flew to Paris, France. It was about a 2 and a half hour ride. We arrived into Paris, France. Got our luggage. We left on the subway, but one thing that very weird. We never went into customs/passport check.  We just got on the RER #C to ‘Gare Du Nord’, and took the M#5 Metro (Subway in French) going toward Place d’ Italian, and got off at Oberrkamf, our hotel’s metro stop. We checked-in at our hotel, and then had Pizza for Dinner.  We went to bed, after finding ants under our bed and in the bathroom. It stinked because Mom just got done spraying Bug Spray around the hotelroom, which she had rented from the hotel’s front desk. Paris was a very interesting city, my 2 favorite things I liked it Paris, Well you probaly know the first one, which was the Metros and Buses. #2 Favorite Thing: The Eiffel Tower!  We went to the top! It was very, very cold!  We took an elevator, which took forever. The fun part about the elevetor was that it went North-West, which most elevators go just North (Up). I was lucky I got to visit  the Eiffel Tower, because every other kid knows about it, and I’m sure they really want to visit it, too…


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