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Getting to Vienna, Austria

Today, we traveled to Vienna. We were on the train for 6 hours, and had our own little space. We went though Prague, Germany, and Austria.  It was sort of fun. The train had outlets on it going up to 230 Volts. I went on my laptop, but they were no Internet Connections. There were some on the train, but they had passwords.  I wrote in my journal.  When I got onto a Vienna regular tram going to our hotel, which was line 62, were like Dresden old trams. We got off at Pauler Strasse, then were standing there, looking at the map, then 10 minutes later, Mom saw a sign leading to the street to the hotel.  We were lucky!  We went out to Starbucks, are had Hot Chocolate. I had a Cookie, Maggie had a Blueberry Muffin.  I wanted Mom to get a snack besides hot chocolate, but she refused.  We went sight seeing on a Tram, the good kind of tram, and Mom saw some Ice Skating Place, and she said we were going to go there tomorrow!  I fall down when I Ice Skate every second. We took a tram back to our hotel, and now, here I am writing this….


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