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Fasching Party – News

On February 17th 2011, PYP in Dresden International School had an early Fasching Party. For all classes, it started at 1:20pm to 3:20pm. Each person/teacher/student received  1 free snack, and most were wearing costumes. Some of the games they did were Musical Chairs, Musical Statues, and an Egg Race. The Student Coucil PYP planned this fun, and exciting event.  Another one of the fun things were a Raffle. Students who won in 3B were Mark, Ashley, Corban, etc. Each raffle ticket was 1 Euro. They drew about 45 tickets. Everyone was wearing cool, scary, funny costumes on. Students could not wear their costumes to school. They had to change 10 minutes before this party.
Here is a little interview with some of the students from DIS:
Fransziska said before the party that she thinks everyone will enjoy the party. She was a princess.
Ashley said she thought that she would like it. She was dressed up as a princess, also.
Ms. Anne said she thought she would like it. She thinks it will be exciting, but also crazy. She dressed up like an EVIL WHITCH.
Corban said he thinks everyone will enjoy the Fasching Party.  He dressed up, I think of just everything he likes.
Maggie (1B) said she will defiantly like it. She dressed up like a black sparkled Rock-Star.
Everyone walked down a Red Carpet. (Well, it was really a paper carpet!)
The Musical Chairs game was very fun. The person doing it was “Jan”. The first winner was “Fabian”, from 3B. The winner for the second round winner was Christian, from 4A.
The Egg Race was very fun. Ms. Rebibis’s side won.
Musical Statues was also very fun. Franzisca from 3B won.
Everyone had a great time!

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