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Update for February 16th, 2011

Will, we started a class blog, which I am very happy about. Also, we are going to get doners without Maggie tonight. She is with her friend Moli, right now. Mom is being lazy, sleeping. Toga, our dog, always does the samething as my mom, so he sleeping and snoring to. Dad is driving home from work. Our next vacations we are going to are Vien, (Vien is the German Way of saying Vianna, Austria) and Paris, France. I can’t wait to go all the way to the top of the Eiffel tower, which will be great. If you’re wondering about my school, then click here. Also, this is a daily schdule of what my class does at school:

1.We get our blue bag, snack box, and water bottle. We put our coats in our locker, and also our backpacks, or like some people like to call them book bags.

2.We come in and look on the white board, we usally do Buddy Spelling, is where another friends in the class test us with the spelling words that the level we are at Spelling. Sometimes, we do Mug Shot sentences after we do Spelling Buddy.

3.Usally, after we write in our Unit of Inquiry book, or our green langage books. We will write a story, do persuasive writing, or just do free choice writing.

4.We have a break. The time we have this break is 9:15am. We have a snack, out of our ‘Snack Boxes’. After we go outside, for recess, to get some fresh air, and be with other friends in different classes.

5.We come from outside to inside, put our coats back in our locker, change into our inside shoes. On Tuesday and Thursday, we would go to Preforming Arts with Mr. Sebation. On Monday, we would have Double German. On Wednesday, I forget, so, sorry! And on Friday, I also forget.

6.On some days of the week, we would have math with Ms. Sharp. After Math, We go down to lunch.

7.During lunch, we get our lunch cards. We go to the line, and get our lunch. We go back to the table and eat.

8.Recess. This is another recess that lasts about 30:00 minutes. I am now playing Four Square during recess. It is a fun game.

9.We come back up the stairs. We silent read. After, we do Unit of Inquiry. On some of the days, we have Sport during this time.

10.German class. I go to GSL, which is people who don’t know much German. The German people who are fluent in German, stay in the classroom. I go with Herr. Uhl(Mr. Uhl).
11.End of Day. Pack up Blue Bag, Snack Box, and Water Bottle. Go met parents and you go home.

For Hannah, we have raised around 920$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Almost to 1,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dresden International School, keep it up! I am going to annonce the total at the school metting, which will be fun!


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