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Update in Germany for 2/6/2011

So Today, I woke up. In then I just started writing on this blog. I think we might be going to Meißen-a good city North West of Dresden. I changed the design of my blog, don’t you like it? Comment! I like it with all of the stars and green background, the red dates, also.  Today is a weekend, so we’re just hangin’ out. Yesterday, me and mom went out to go by ourselves, some alone time. We took the Standseilbahn up the hill, walked to the #11 tram. On the way to the #11 tram, I was walking with mom and the dog  on the other side of the gate, jumped to us and started barking. Mom could have had the loudest scream in world. I could see 2 people look out there window staring at us. We got on the 11 tram to Hauptbahnhof(Main Train Station), and went to an Travel Agency(reiseburo in german), and booked our 3 day trip to Vien, Vianna, Austria in english. Travel Agencys in America are so expensive, and every one books them online. Here we got a train ticket for 52 Euros, like 70 Dollars, for a round trip ticket for all of us. The hotel was 280 euros, like 330$. Isn’t that cheap? If you go online in Germany, it will be 1,000 Euros for a train ticket, for just 3 of us!  Next, we went out to lunch at a NEW YORK BAGEL BAR!!!!!!! It was the first time I got a bagel for like, 1 ,…. 8 months!  It was so good. Mom cheated on her diet, but she still loved it. After, we went to Karstadt, and got Jelly Beans! Mom got a bunch of cherry, and I got mixes of different kinds. I got Popcorn. It tasted like Popcorn, but was like Sour Popcorn, I didn’t really like it. After that, we went to the Flea Markt(Garage Sale Market in English). Then #6 tram home. Thanks for reading this blog post and comment!


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