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Happy New Year!

In Germany, on December 31st, 2010 at 5:00pm we were at Mincho (a resturant located at Pirnischer Platz). I had fried rice with meat, which was really good(untill I found some kind of vegtable I hated!). We walked out of the resturant, and walked to where the Zwinger was(Theaterplatz) and saw the Silvester Festival, but it’s not one of those festivals that’s free to enter, it costs 5 Euro to get in per person. We didn’t go in the festival, we just looked threw the holes of the gate. After that we just walked to Albertplatz Tram Station To get on the tram #6 home. On the way there, we saw people lighting fireworks in the middle of the streets, saw fireworks in the sky, and people lighting fireworks right in front of the tram station! We did not light any fireworks. But it was just enough fun seeing the fireworks! We got on the 6 Nidersedlitz tram to the Schillergarten, they were having a dance party, even with one of those lights! It was even free! We went in and bought a piece of cake for each of us. We then walked home on the bike trail!

12:00 Midnight

.Fireworks go crazy
.Mom starts singing Fireworks by Katey Perry on the balcony
.Everyones saying “Happy New Year!”


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