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What Christmas Means to Me and Christmas Day…

Today was one of the best days in 2010 for me, so this is how I will discribe it: I woke up this morning, and then woke up my sister Maggie, in her bed on the bottom bunk. I whispered “Maggie, it’s Christmas”. She opened her eyes and said “What”? I said ” It’s Christmas!” In a half whispering and half talking out loud voice. She ran out of bed, and dashed to the living room. I did the samething right behind her. When she saw the living room full of presents, she ohhed, and ahhhhhhed. I said “Go wake up sleppy head Mom and Sleppy head Dad, Hurry!” Maggie dashed back out of the living room, and into Mom and Dad’s room. I heard her say ” Come on, get up you 2, it’s Christmas morning!” Maggie came back into the living room, andturned on the light. I read the note that Santa had wrote for us, which was really nice for him taking the time to write one, escipally on a very busy night. Soon, Mom and Dad(& Toga) were in the living room, “ohhhhhing and ahhhhhhhing ” like the samething Maggie did when she first saw the living this morning. We started opening presents, and laughing, sharing, giving, getting comfortble, passing wrapping into the garbage, and most important, spending time with eachother. Christmas means to me all of the things above (including the “ohhhhing” and “ahhhhing”). Christmas is one of the best days for me. I mostly got tram stuff which I love. I decorated it on the window sill after we opened up presents that morning. Christmas is a time in spending time with your family!

2 responses to “What Christmas Means to Me and Christmas Day…

  1. Mary December 25, 2010 at 3:15 PM

    Riley, thanks for sharing that. Ms. Sam Jr. came over for a quick stop to see what Santa brought her, before she went to her boyfriend's house. I was so glad to see her excited with the ohhh and ahhh's even at her age! We get to spend family time later. Merry Christmas to all of the family.

  2. Riley December 25, 2010 at 6:54 PM

    Thank you Ms. Samoranski~I hope you had a very Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year!

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