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Innsbruck, Austria and Venus, Italy Vacation Part 1 of Whole Vacation

From 10/22/10 to 10/20/10 we where in Italy. From Dresden, Germany to Innsbruck, Austria was the 1st trip. Innsbruck was awesome becasue the hotel was great, the alps were beatiful, you could see them from our hotel room window and the trams were neat. When we got there, we dropped Mom off at the hotel entrance and then Dad, Maggie, and Me drove to the parking lot, a few ways away. The parking lot had an elevator, for the cars, it was so small in there. It took us 15 minutes to take the elevator and park the car. We walked back to the hotel and meet Mom in the doorway, we all checked in together, and then took the person elevator with all our suitcases to floor 2, where our room was. We put the card in the door and opened the door. We were all pressing light switches, but the lights did not turn on. After 2 minutes, Dad figured out that you had to put the hotel card in a little holder thing, and all the lights turned on. When I saw the room with light, it looked very nice. Me and Maggie had nice beds with a very nice night stand. We also had a control of lights next to our beds. It was about 4:00 when we figured out the light switch problem, we un-packed all of our stuff and then walked out of the hotel to find a gluten-free resturant near by. We crossed a bridge and then walked down an alley way and found a resturant. They had a kids menu. Me and Maggie already knew what we wanted. Here, there had pork with bread on top of it. It’s called “Snichel”. We got that with french fries and some ketchup. I got water and Maggie got some orangy drink. We all we done and walked home. We went to bed. The next morning, we dashed off to breakfast. We didn’t eat that much because Mom wanted to go for a walk. We went to a playground and then walked back to the hotel. We got the car and had a great time in Innsbruck, Austria. We were now on our way to Venus, Italy. Venus is a very funny place. The whole city is built on water. Instead of having buses or trams, they have boat taxies and boat buses. They have garbage boats,police boats, fire engine boats, etc. When we were near Mom and Dad stopped at some place to buy a map, for Venus. The Map also included the boat bus map, too. We went over this bridge to a big parking lot. We parked our car and got our suitcases, not bringing to much stuff because we had to take that bus boat which was very small. We took an elevator down to the ground floor and crossed a street, turned right, then left, then we saw a boat station. We went up to the ticket counter and got a boat ticket. We validated it and got on the #2 Bus boat. We got off at the next stop and got on the bus boat # 1, which was 15 stops. It took 25 minutes to get there. We went straight then turned right, then went up a people bridge, turned right and arrived to our hotel. It was called “Hotel American”. We didn’t have our room in the actually hotel, it was in some apartment building on the other side of the street. We got in the hotel. We were heading out for dinner. But we could not open the door out of the building. Dad luckily found the phone and called the reception and they helped us open the door and told us how to. We went to some litttle cafe. the guy said that Mom could get fish with sauce. ( funny part) When they gave her the dish it had fish with black squid sauce on it. Luckily, The waitor told us that after eating the whole thing. Me and Dad got Pizza while Maggie got Pasta. We walked back to our hotel room and went to bed. The next morning we got dressed quickly. We rushed down to breakfast. We had a little breakfast. We went to St. Marco Square and saw all of the pigons. We walked down to this soviner shop area. I got a new journal. We got Maggie a mask and then walked down a million alley ways. We finally arrived at our hotel. Got our suitcases andgot on the boat in an hour we were back in the car, experiencing more citys…


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