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Going to a Music Place with GlobalFouries Friends

9/10/10, we went to this music place where they had Soft Rock last night. Me and Maggie where playing games like tag and hide and go seek with some of the other kids that came and Mom and Dad where talking with other adults. We were on the tram for a long time until we came. We kept doing that stuff until Maggie got tired and I got sleppy, a headace of the loud music, and getting sick. We then waited 8 minutes for the tram and got off and took th ethe 6 home. We ended waiting 20 MINUTES for the 6! We saw another lady running to a tram and she was to late so she ended up waiting 15 minutes when we still had 5 minutes. We got on the 6 and I almost fell asleep on the tram. We got home and went to bed.

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