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Going to the Shillergarten with GlobalFounries Friends

9/3/2010 we went to the Shillergarten with a bunch of other people from GlobalFouries. First, like what we always do, go up to the stand and order our food.Me and Maggie got sausage and bread, Dad got just poatos, and we got Mom a good cooked one out another stand. Maggie and me got Apfel Shole and Dad got his beer and Mom brought her beer. We had played on the playgrond there which was nice. Then, I was looking for Ice Cream. The Ice cream stand was closed, the one’s in the stand must of have run out, so I went in the resturant building and they had cake. I bought myself a slice. Dad had big blobs of it and Maggie then ate the whole rest of it!
Then we went home.

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