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Going to the Baltic Sea (6 Hours from Dresden)

I started out this day without forgetting it was vacation. I woke up and then woke up my sister. Like usual, my parents were already up. I got changed, and then helped pack. Then an hour later, we started packing my sister’s cloths and mine in a big blue suitcase. We had then got everything and put it in the car. My Dad and me went up to and go get my Mom and my sister and then we left. We got on the highway. Something funny about the highway here is that you get on the highway and then you go on a exit, and than you go on another highway, and from that highway, you go on an exit, and that exit will bring to another highway, then that exit will bring you someplace. We stopped for lunch someplace later on. I got this meatball and French-fries while Maggie got the same thing. Mom, had to bring a salad because she could not eat anything there. I don’t remember what Dad got. Mom gave Maggie and me some cucumbers because she doesn’t like them. We went to the bathroom there again. We got back on the highway and then stopped at a place called “Stop & Shop” just to go to the bathroom. I went in there to see if the drinks were spendy and they were. We didn’t go anywhere else, because we arrived an hour later. We first checked into the hotel, then un-packed everything. We went to the dog beach. It was fun to watch the dogs play. We then went to some of the shops. We got new beach toys because the ones we have aren’t so good. Mom got some of her gluten free wine, also. We walked back to the hotel just to drop a few things off. We headed off to find a place for dinner. We went to a really nice place. We walked back to the hotel. We went to bad and then woke up the next morning. We went to breakfast and that was really good. We didn’t have lunch because we had a lot for breakfast. Dinner was also good. The beach’s are so friendly. They have dog-allowed ones. We went back to the hotel and then went to bed. We woke up and then had breakfast. We went on this crazy ball thing. Your on water and you in the ball like what they do to hamsters. I ran then I would just fall down. You can see a video of me up at the bottom of this post. We went to find lunch. Me and Maggie had fish sandwiches while dad had this very good breaded thing and Mom had a brot burst(sausage in German). We went back again and got ready to do this big wheel thing. There is steeling wheels in the back and little kid seats in the front. It was funny because Mom sat in the little kid spoT! We then packed everything up and left. When we came home my dog Toga peeked his head though the gate, like he always does.


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