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How Good My Life Feels…

For all my life I have been in the USA, I’d always love to go to another country. I started my 2nd grade school year and as the days went on, is was about October, and that was when I heard my parents talking to each other saying, “Stacey, I looked online at the jobs at and I saw an open job for 6 people. I will have to do interviews to get the job” . My Mom said back “Sure, you can apply for it, I know that you won’t get it” . He started doing interviews the next few weeks and I was wondering what country we were going to transfer to if he did get the job. On a Monday when I woke up, my dad said ” Mom will tell you at school today if I got the job and she will tell you where we will be going for it and how long we are staying at that country. Then at school, my mom came up to me and said “We are moving to Germany for a year”! I came home and I was so excited! I was finally going to leave the country. We were going to leave in June and it was about December. My Dad said he was going to leave in January and when that day came, I was really said to be apart from my dad for a month, but when he came off the plane a month later, I came up to him and gave him a hug after the first 3 seconds I saw him. He was here for about 4 weeks until he had to go again for 3 months, and he left when the day came. I was even saddest then ever because he was staying longer. He came home and were going to move in 5 days to Germany!! We packed which took forever. It was the day before the day we going on the airplane to Germany, the shipping people came and picked up all our stuff, then left.
We moved that next day, 13 hours on 3 airplanes/flights. We got there and got a taxi. We got to our new apartment, with the rest of our family looking up, and smiling. My adventures started. I was so excited to be in Germany.
I really miss my friends, Cade and Callie and …, my grandma, grandpa(not really my grandpa), my Aunt Mari, My Uncle Jeff, My Cosin Justin and Julia, My Aunt Jen, My Aunt Mari Dogs named “Ozzie” and ” Wilson”, my Grandma and Grandpa’s dog named “Micky”. I’m glad that I have my family’s dog to think of them.
I loved all the adventures we had…

One response to “How Good My Life Feels…

  1. Marijo August 17, 2010 at 12:14 PM

    Riley, You're the best! Love, Aunt Mari

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