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My Sister Had Her "Zuckertuten Fest" Yesterday

On August 14th, 2010, Ballston Spa Resident, Maggie Walz, who moved to Dresden, Germany, because of her father’s GlobalFoundries job, participated in the Dresden International School’s Zuckertuten Festival.

The Zuckertuten Festival is where Parents and Siblings go and find toys, Barbies, sugar goods, etc. and put it in a large designed cardboard cone. The parents bring the cone on the day of the festival to the school. The child receives it from their teacher. When the child gets home they open the cone and see what they have & play with it.

The principal gave a short speech about going in to first grade and how much fun they will have. Then the 2 classes/40 kids received their own cone. Then the Primary School teacher asked some of the kids what they were looking forward to in First Grade.

After the festival, the whole school was invited to see their new teacher and their teacher’s classroom. They let everyone play on the playground and had a school fundraiser BBQ. They served wine and beer for adults and juice for kids. They had brotbearts/sausages and kartoffle/poatos.


One response to “My Sister Had Her "Zuckertuten Fest" Yesterday

  1. PeggyRae August 15, 2010 at 6:45 AM

    Riley, you do such a wonderful job of keeping us all informed:) Maggie looks very pretty and I'm sure she love her gifts! Did you receive a cone on your birthday? If not, what was your favorite gift form your family? Please give your family hugs for me. Love, Aunt Peggy

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