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Getting Lost Yesterday from the Mall

Yesterday, we wanted to go to the mall to get Maggie’s Cone. (A Cone of toys because of when school starts for only 1st graders) We went to a store named Muller and did a lot looking then checked out and then Mom went in this earring store and I waited at a resturant table. Then we left and we got on a bus becasue Prager St. is Contruction right now. I thought in would take us to Bohnhoff Mitte were the 6 NIdersedlitz goes and we could take the 6 home. I kept. saying to Mom, it’s the next one, and I kept. repeating it. I went to look at the map and some lady said we were going the wrong way and then I say at the stop that another bus stoped at the stop near our house. We looked and it said that we would have to be on that bus for 50 minutes! We had to do it every know we didn’t want to. We got on that one and it took forever. We got off at another stop I wasen’t really planning to do, but then took another tram from that stop home. Does that make any sense?


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