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July 25th, 2010

We are on a train, not a tram right now. It is going really fast and smooth.We are going hiking on he same place that dad did on easter. We are going to be there for the whole day! We took a bus to a tran, to a fairy, then hike all day, then take a boat home which will take 2 hours. Weare going to take a big boat back and might een have the oud jazz music. We are on th big boat back hom riht now. We hiked a lotWe went up a big huge hill. We all went to a resturant and dad said this resturant was better becuse there was 2, then we ordered our food and there was only 1 thing on the menu. We had to get it so we got it.Mom couldn’t eat the bread, Me, Maggie, and dad could. We did a lot of hiking. And going up stairs! We got ce cream andthe boat came that we were goin to get on. That’s all of our hiking adventure!

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