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July 24th Craziness

I just woke up. Yesterday, we went to the groccrey store really far away and Mom got her chocolate coconut bars and Mom and Maggie had some after we got out of the groccey store. Mom got me this fruit smoothie. I couldn’t eat it because I didn’t have a spoon or a fork. Today is Saturday so Dad is home right now. We don’t think we will go hiking tomorrow because it’s suppose to rain. Dad went there on Easter and when I saw pictures, the place looked beatiful. We went to the Elbe Park Mall and looked at chairs. We saw like 3 good ones but they we to expensive. Then we tranfered from the Elbe Park Mall to Dresden IKEA. A big everything store + cafe. We didn’t like any of the chairs, but bought a lot of other stuff. We went home (Oh, and I forgot to tell you, some guy that left his cloths here came and picked them up today) we put everything away and went toa american store. It was closed though. We went to dinner and then went home and went to bed.

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