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July 23rd

I just woke up and had breakfast. We ran out of cereal, so I opened a new pack of the cereal bars since we ran out of them. We opened the cherry pack. They were so good! Guess what I figured out to do on my e-mail, I can change my name from who it will say it is from. Like it used to always be “Riley”. I changed it to Riley’s Movie Maker Business. Sorry, we just got back from dinner. We took #4 Laugest tram Strisen stop and got on #12 Letewitz home. And when we got on, we were the only one’s on the tram! We got to our stop and we had to walk in the rain home. I brushed my teeth and got changed. Mom put a candle on and I wrote in my journal. Today is Payton’s 8th birthday and Callie’s 6th birthday. (Callie’s Birthday party is tomorrow).
I went to bed and had a great (really) great day.

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