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July 22nd, 2010

It’s just I can never write because we are either doing stuff or being busy. I put a Blog Gadget on my desktop so it is so easier to write on my blog. Today, we met Wendy, Mom’s Globalfouries friend. We met her at Prager Stasse and we went to a book store and got a chapter book for me. We didn’t get anything from the library. We rode the tram to Shillerplatz and got ice cream. I got Mango ice cream and it was good. We sat on a bench facing the river. We walked back on the bike trail. We hung out at the apartment with Wendy. When Wendy left, Dad came home. We had dinner and watched a movie. Maggie and Mom read there one chapter of a book there are reading. It is called “Little Fur”. We got the book in Prague in an english bookstore. I went to bed and had a great day.

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