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7/20/10 : ZOO!(And crazy trams)

Today, I woke up and I have breakfast. Then Mom woke up and let Toga out then came back in and she said do you want to go to the Zoo? And Me and Maggie said “Yes”. We took #12 to Stassburger Platz and then took 13 Prolis to The Zoo. Then the tram stopped going to tram stops. Everyone had to get off. I told Mom to get on the bus with was 13 Prohlis and would take us to the Zoo. She said it wouldn’t. We walked to another stop and the same bus went there. That bus came and Mom got on it. She makes no sense. It was long time since I’ve been on those buses. The last time I’ve been on one was the first day we moved here. So we got to the Zoo from the bus. We payed to get in. And did a lot of looking at animals. We saw turtles, peguins, a tiger, a lion, 3 elephants, spider monkeys, spiders, rats and mouses, we saw a lot. We got back home on the tram and it was already 6:00. We made dinner really quick and I went to bed. I had a great Zoo day (and love having a mix up tram day!)

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