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7/19/10 Hang Out Day

I started the day off with breakfast, like I always do. I checked my e-mail real quick, then layed outside on the balcony chair. I looked online for a poem for my Dad and e-mail it to him. We went to the Blasewitz/Shillerplatz tram stop and went in a toy store, and Maggie got a ring. We went to a really cool relaxation store. It had journals, candles, soaps, frames, and other neat stuff. We didn’t buy anything there. But we went to one more cool relaxation store, but still, we didn’t buy anything there either. We went home on the tram.
Dad came home ]]and we had a dish for dinner. I didn’t know what it was called, but it was really good. After Dinner, Me, Maggie, and Mom cleaned up the kitchen while Dad made our beds and vacumed a little. Mom and Dad told Me and Maggie that we were going to go this big shopping/groccrie store. Me and Dad went there onece because we needed to recyle the cans and bottles. When I stepped in the recyling center, it was the size of a normal groccrie store. The whole store is like 5 floors. We checked out with a couple of things and then got ready for bed. Maggie was whinning because she lost oone of the dolls she got from Prague. I went to bed. I had a great day.


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