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Some Funny Stories that happened the last few days…

A ton of trams…

Will yesterday, we wanted to go on a hike on one of the trails in Dresden. We got on a tram and went to a stop and started walking on a trail. Maggie wanted to stop at a playground so we stopped at one and played there for like 10 minutes. We walked back to another tram stop and saw that train #1 Phrolis and #2 this very long one stop there. We knew that it didn’t go to our house. But we saw that it went to a stop that a another trm that goes to our house stops there. So we get on #1 Prolis and wait and wait and wait. The tram gets to it’s end stop and turns into 1 Lutawisz. We stay on that one and Mom says that one will go to a stop that goes to our house. It gets to that stop, we had to cross a ton of streets and got on th e tram that went to our house. We get home and had crazy day.

Lost key…

We went to the pool and Mom lost her locker key to our locker where all our stuff was in. She told the life guard and apparently some one found in. Thank You whoever found it!


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