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July 5th-One of the craziest days…

So here they have Grocery stores in the mall. We were at one today. They have two toy stores in the mall. We checked out, The cashier lady said something in German to mom, so mom said back “nine duesth” which is “no German”. Mom did the same thing in the nutrition store right down the street from the mall. We went on a train to get back home. We were just cooling off because it was so hot with some German apple juice. It tastes like apple cider a little. We went on a CRAZY LONG bike ride on the bike path right near our house. We stopped at a bench since we rode so long. Mom and Maggie, my sister, were taking pictures and looking at them. On the bike ride, my sister fell a few times. When we finally got up, we started going again and since my sister went so slow on her bike, my mom went fast, she goes so fast. And my mom’s well hit mine, which made her fall on me. We finally got back to our apartment and Dad came home from work. He either rang the doorbell or buzzed us because the doorbell and the visitor phone sound the same. I just opened the door and her came in. We had samon for dinner with salad and bread & butter. We had gone for another bike ride and I came home and had a cookie which mom made. Mom and Maggie started playing Wii golf. Maggie was telling mom how to do this and that on the Wii golf. I went to bed on the couch because my bed mattress was so hard.


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