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Last Day of School

On the last day of school, (6/24) we first went to my babysitter’s house. Usually we are always late, but today we were early. So I was just talking to Joy, my babysitter(only in the morning). Will when we had to leave to go to school on the last day! I went to wait to go in the school building. Mrs. Tina, let us in. I went to my classroom and we cleaned out our desk then we made a little autograph book. The cover was what you won’t miss about school and what you will miss in school. I glued on the cover. Then people came around to sign my book. Ms. Durham said I could play my slideshow I made. It made Gregory, a kid in my class. The slideshow is about 10 minutes long. Than we started cleaning a lot. Then we went to go to the rug to tell of what we will never forget in our 2009-2010 school year. Mrs. Bondi, our school’s pick up lady, picked us up and brought us to the cafeteria. I saw my Grandma waiting for me.

I had a great 2nd grade/2009-2010 school year!


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