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My last Cub Scout Metting

Yesterday, I had my last Cub Scout Metting. Will my little sister went on a playdate, with her friend Katherine. So we enter the park and we go threw the whole parking lot and there was not even 1 parking spot because they were all taken! So ww parked at the bank across the street. So we crossed the street and went to where all the other Cub Scouts were. So we finally got to the tent were all of The cyb scouts were. Then I saw my best friend, Cade. We sat by them. Cade’s younger sister found a ladybug. After we were done talking we did the awards. First, they did the tigers[First Grade]. Next, the wolfs [Second Grade]. I got one gold and one silver arrow-point. All were left next were the bears, and webalos 1 & 2. Then I got my bear book because I’m going into third grade and 3rd graders are bears. They had ice-cream there so I grabbed some. After I was done I went to go play on the playground. I played on the playground for like 3 hours! Then we went home then picked up Maggie.


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