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Going to Barns and Noble last night(this is very funny)

Will last night we went to Barns and Noble. Did I tell you that I did my school’s talent show? I danced to A Little less converation elvis vs. jxl By Elvis Presley. And thanks to Cade, Callie, Scott and Julie for letting me borrow the costume. Will I went to Barns and Noble because I had a $12 dollar gift card from Christmas. I got there and I saw these who is _________. It was funny because they had “Elvis Presley”. I got him, Anne Frank, and Helen Keller. I got Helen Keller because I am doing a research project about her. I got Anne Frank because we are moving to Germany and will you know what I mean. Right? Because of World War II. Will then I got home and started reading the Anne Frank book. My sister also started reading her Barbie book, too.


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