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My Sleep-Over with Aunt Mari

I had to go on a Sleep-over with my Aunt Mari because my Mom had to go to a party about when we move to Germany. So she came to our house to have lunch. I had a ham sandwich. I LOVE HAM! So after having lunch, I had soccer. I went upstairs to get changed. I got on my black shorts, my soccer shirt, shin guards, and my sneakers. I came downstairs and told everyone I was ready. Mom and Aunt Mari grabbed their carry-on chair. I forgot my water, so Mom, Aunt Mari, and Maggie started walking down to the soccer field while I got my water bottle. I came back to the sidewalk and ran to catch up with them. After I finally got to soccer, I went to my coach and we did our worm-up. Then the game started. We got 2-6 at the end of all 4 quarters. Then we headed back and I got changed and went to the bathroom. Then we left for the sleep-over. After 35 minutes we were there. We brought everything into her house. I asked her how old her house was and she said it was one of those 1880 houses. I went upstairs and went to set down my suitcase. After, we went outside. I got Wilson(Her dog)’s Pool out. I got the hose and filled up the pool. Wilson only gets in when the house is 10 feet away from him so he doesn’t get sprayed/soaked in water. After like 45 minutes he finally went in. But for only 10 seconds. Then Aunt Mari told me that Ozzie doesn’t like going in the water, but drink the water. Then Ozzie went to drink the pool water. We all giggled. We went in about when it was dinnertime. We had fruit kabobs and cheese and chicken kabobs. So we ate. Aunt Mari told these really funny stories. Like when she fell down the basement stairs and her pipes we frozen and Grandpa came over and it was like a waterfall in the basement,when Ozzie and her went hiking, Ozzie got lost, and Mari want up-hill and Ozzie went down-hill and when Wilson ran into a strangers house and jumped on the beds and saw a lady in the house at 8:00am. We went outside again and played with the Frisbee. The frizbee went over the fence. I almost thourgh the frizbee at Wilson. After A while of playing frizbee we went inside to watch a movie. It was Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. Halfway though the movie I went upstairs and brushed my teeth, got changed, and went to bed.

I woke up again the next morning, and went downstairs to have breakfast. Like always, Maggie had to watch TV. I just lay on the catch being lazy. Me and Maggie then helped make the pancakes. We had them while I cut out the box top on the pancake box. We went outside and I forgot I wasen’t changed yet so I went upstairs and got changed in then went outside. I played with the dogs. Then we left to go home. It was a fun sleepover.


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