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My Class Hosting the School Wide Meeting

Will, at our school, the kids get to host the School Meetings. So to start off the meeting, we did the Line Dance. Each person in our class had a partner. Will, by accident, Ms.Durham had the volume way way very high and the whole auditorium will filled with sound. So we covered our ears until the music went down. Then we did the dance and Did the meeting. Lucas started the meeting. Then Mattie and Mackenna did the pledge of allegiance followed by Alex, Alana, and Anthony doing the School Wide Meeting handshake. It was fun because after that we did another dance in honor of a special person at Malta Ave Elementary School. I’ll give you a hint. The song was called “Paint Paint Paint the day away”. The person was Ms. Chakus, the Art teacher at Malta Ave. We did the dance and did the moves. It was really fun. I loved how it was going so far. So after that it was time for the Character Ed awards. Character Ed is a special thing at Malta Ave. Every month there is a word. Like this months word was Honesty. He talked a little about what the word Honesty meant then called the names. Lucas was the winner from our class. So then I said that Bella, Ian, Pavilion, Paige, Madison, Gavin, and Payton were doing a skit what it looked like in action what the word Honesty meant. Then they had some school announcements to share. One of the First Grade teachers had her baby and one of the kindergarten tecahers had a baby,too. Then I said that we had to do the Malta Ave Birthday song. After that, we said the Malta Ave Song and classes went back to class. After we went back to class, we went back down to take all the posters off the wall that said “You are invited to the School wide Meting. Then we all went home and told our parents how the School Meeting went.


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