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Hiking at SPAC

On Sunday(5/15/10), We went hiking at SPAC. We walked in and saw the welcome sign and started walking. Maggie brought along her jornal. Me and Maggie call that water “Stinky Water). We went down this area that had this long, short fence. Then the whole river thing began. It was neat because they had this rock sprinkler. We passed a guy fishing too. They was all hese rocks there. We put our feet in the water. At some point I saw some fish. I tryed to catch one of them, but they were to fast for me. After we decided to take a break and have some clen water, We saw some weeds on Maggie. Then Maggie screamed becasue the weeds were moving. Mom said “Get that thing off you Maggie”! Then Mom said Maggie had a leach n her. Everyone laughed but Maggie. “It was a fun day” I said to myself as I got a drink of the Clean Water.


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