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Fishing Tournament 2010 at 4H training center

Will, on May 1st (Friday) I went to this fishing tournament. It was at 4H(Hour) Training Center in Milton, NY. I was 7-11(time). So we arrive. We see everyone (mostly everyone) at the pond. We get our fishing poles and fishing box. We went to the registration room. Me and Maggie had to write our Name, Address, and Phone Number.

Phone #: _______________________________________________________

After we wrote that, we went to the pond. We went to the nearest one because we brought a lot of heavy stuff and it was hard to go to the other pond because it was far away. So when we got up close to the pond, the pond was really small. It was really hard to cast you rod, because there was a bunch of other people. After Like 20 minutes I heard some people saying that they only put like six(6) fish in the pond.
20(twenty) minutes after that, I saw some guy catch 6(six) fish. Then I fished for like 30 more minutes then I asked Mom if we could go. She said we could got in 15 minute. “Maggie still want to fish”. So I’m sitting the chair(the one’s you bring to sooccer games and stuff). You now how you do a fishing tournament and there’s always someone that falls in the pond or lake? Will 5 minutes of me sitting in the chair and Maggie falls in the pond. Everyone went laughing. So we went home. Maggie was all mad because everyone laughed at her. Mom said they we just like whatever. She said that she would of beat them up if they laughed like Maggie thought they did. So Maggie felt better, just not 100 percent (%)


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