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Cade and Callie’s Home Movies

Below, is a book me and Maagie wrote. Not for Real, but for fun.

Cade and Callie’s Home movies

Our Friends, Cade and Callie, are really creative. They make these awesome home Movies. Like Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Don’t talk to strangers, etc. The Movies they make are really cool!!!!
We made with them, too.
Their Dad, is the best Movie Maker, ever.

You Have to check out those cool, awesome, great, homemade, and one more cool videos! I just feel like they should have a company called ”Cade and Callie’s HomeMade Movies®. and they should start a company to earm $• They would make billions of dollars a day(in one(1) day). I wish Maggie was Callie and Riley was Cade.


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