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Crazy Lady (Season 1 Vol. 1)

Crazy Lady(Becky)
By Riley

Once upon a time (This is a real story)(Not really) Becky was a lady that lived in New York(NY). She was a really BUSY BUSY woman. She went to store-after-store. She would even not spend time with her family on Christmas. Her sister, Carol, was not like her. Everyone could not believe that there were sisters. Becky even had a cell phone. She had made 1,000 calls when the day ended. If someone did not answer, she would just keep calling until they answered. The same thing with going door-to-door. She would knock on peoples doors and wait until there answered their door. Sometimes, she would wait on their porch for hours. And still with email. She would send a millon e-mails a day to her friends And if she got scared alone outside at night, she would climb up a tree and wait up there until morning. Her husband, Steve, would yell “Becky, what are you doing up there?” “I’m scared”. Then she would fall in a pool because she couldn’t hold on anymore. (Head first). One evening, Crazy Lady had to go to a party. She looked were the party location was. Then, she went to the same location in the town right next to the one she was suppose to. The Location she went to was somebody’s house. She knocked on the door and some girl opened the door up. The girl said “Hello”. “Who are you”. Crazy Lady said “ I’m here for the party.” The girl said “What party? There is no party going on here”. Then Crazy Lady showed the girl the invitation and the girl said it was in a different city/town. Then she went to her car and hit her head with and hand and her hand slid down. Remember, Crazy Lady was the busiest person in her whole state. Everyone in her state knew who she was. And her job is to be busy. In collage, she took classes to be busy. She would never be at her own house.
She would always she to her daughter, Lili, Lili, you should be a busy person like me when you grow up.
It’s really fun.
Want to go to The Christmas Tree Shop?
“Sure” said Lili.
She went to the biggest one in the country.
In New York City.
She lived in Up State New York too.
After they rode for like 2 hours, Lili had already spent her money at the Rest area on the high way on the Snack Machine.
She begged Crazy Lady to give her money.
She said “You can buy one thing”.
Lili got one new bed set.
It cost 500$ and Crazy Lady didn’t even care.

Crazy Lady is just so Crazy!!


One response to “Crazy Lady (Season 1 Vol. 1)

  1. Riley April 23, 2010 at 1:35 AM

    One will come out every week

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